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Struggling to find the right words for your story? is an eBook writing company that can take your raw ideas and turn them into mind-blowing narratives. You can only expect best-selling eBooks from our literary maestros. The thing that authors love the most about our services is our cheap and affordable rates.


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Embark on your authorship journey with confidence, knowing that is your comprehensive solution. From initial drafts to final publication, our diverse services cover every aspect of ebook creation. Whether you seek impeccable writing, seamless editing, eye-catching cover design, or strategic publishing, we've got you covered. Our team is always ready to elevate your story.

We know that there are so many authors with crazy ideas in their minds, but since they lack the required writing skills, their stories never get a chance to get published and gain exposure. With our ebook ghostwriting services in USA, you can brush the dust off your plot and shape it into a narrative that every reader will admire. Our full-fledged assistance, from writing to publishing, will make your life easier.

American EBook Writers with Captivating Storytelling Skills

Have you been constantly searching for eBook writer services near me? It is time to put a full stop to your hassle and offer you the comprehensive assistance that every author wishes for. We outshine our competitors in every aspect, but three of the biggest strengths that we possess are:

Drafts Ready For PublishingDrafts Ready For Publishing

Our eBook proofreaders, writers, and designers work together to compose drafts that are ready to be published without any delay. Once we are done with writing and finalizing your story, our American ebook publishers will make your story public for reading enthusiasts all around the world.

Flawless And Timely ExecutionFlawless And Timely Execution

We add a touch of creativity and innovation to your narrative while keeping its original charm intact. Whether you need our assistance with fiction book writing or any other genre, the content we deliver will always be refined to perfection. Moreover, our customers do not have to wait long for their drafts.

Credible And Reliable ServicesCredible And Reliable Services

Unlike other ebook ghostwriting companies, we promise our clients confidentiality and transparency. We like to stay behind the curtains and do not ask for any credit from our customers. The story and its ownership rights will remain yours. We are here just to enhance your idea.

Launch Your EBook With Our Help In USA!

From your writing allies, we can also convert into your Amazon ebook publishers, ebook designers, editors and proofreaders. We are ready to assist you at every step of your literary journey.

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EBook Writing Services That Cuts Above The Rest

Take a detailed look at some of the top reasons why we are popular among American authors:

Our Portfolio Contains Bestselling EBooks in USA

We cherish our client's success as our own success. These are some of our classic ebook creations that were able to win the hearts of readers.

Star Flower
A Lover's Worth
Once Upon A Wolf
Beauty And The Beast
The Frog Prince
When We Were Still Human
Creator's Call
Cecelia Ahern
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Finding an eBook publishing company in USA that can match the quality standards of our services is not that easy. We work on every manuscript like our own, and your draft can be the next one that our writers turn into a masterpiece.

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+1 929 201 3767 Call us, we are waiting.
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A Dream Team of American EBook Writers At Your Service

Our success is rooted in our exceptional team. At, each task, be it writing, editing, publishing, or designing, is handled by dedicated professionals. Our seasoned experts bring a wealth of experience, ensuring that every aspect of your ebook receives the attention it deserves. Trust our team to turn your literary dreams into reality with precision and passion.

If you think that your idea has the potential to be the next bestseller, then we are here to make it happen for you. We do not have an ordinary team of writers. These magical wordsmiths have amazing storytelling skills. They can also turn into a scholar if you need an informative draft for publishing online. We put in all our efforts to make your story a sensation among the global community of readers.

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American Authors Praising Our EBook Writing Agency

These reviews are a clear sign that the customers are in love with our ebook ghostwriting services. Every single piece of feedback matters as it conveys the value we offer to our clients.

Satisfied Customer - Five Star Rating

These ebook writers in USA turned my ideas into a riveting narrative. The individual working on my project understood my vision and added twists that kept readers hooked. The seamless collaboration and attention to detail made the entire process enjoyable. Highly recommended for authors who need compelling stories.

Satisfied Customer - Five Star Rating

From editing to cover design, these professionals handled every step with finesse. The result? A professionally polished draft ready for the online market. Their commitment to quality and a keen eye for detail set them apart. Trust them to make your book stand out on any platform. My personal experience with them has been amazing.

Satisfied Customer - Five Star Rating

These literary wizards not only wrote my ebook but transformed it into a masterpiece. The editorial team polished every word, and the designers created a cover that screams "bestseller.' They do not just write; they craft literary wonders. Their assistance is quite helpful for serious authors aiming for the top.

Satisfied Customer - Five Star Rating

What impressed me most about this firm was its versatility. From fiction to non-fiction, they covered it all. The one-stop-shop experience, from writing to publishing, made my journey stress-free. Trust them to bring your book to life, regardless of the genre. Moreover, the prices they charge are also quite minimal.

Satisfied Customer - Five Star Rating

Choosing this ebook writing agency was a game-changer for me. The editing team refined my draft, and the layout design elevated the reading experience. Their expertise in navigating the publishing platforms ensured a smooth launch. Any aspiring author who needs a reliable partner should trust these experts with their project.

Satisfied Customer - Five Star Rating did not just write my ebook; they crafted an immersive experience. The team's dedication to excellence, coupled with their understanding of market trends, made my book a hit. For authors seeking a blend of creativity and professionalism, look no further. They know how to make your draft a chartbuster.

EBook Writers in USA Who Deliver Mind Blowing Books

Our services are an exceptional amalgamation of uniqueness, creativity, and innovation. We are eager to start working on your write-up. Kickstart your authorship journey with our ebook publishing services.

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+1 929 201 3767 Call us, we are waiting.
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EBook Writing Services That Put You On The List Of Elite American Authors

USA's #1 EBook Writing Agency

At, we transcend the ordinary, transforming ideas into captivating narratives. Our ebook writing experts breathe life into your concepts, ensuring your story not only resonates but captivates readers. It is quite tiring for the authors to keep on reading the manuscript over and over again to spot every single error. Still, there is a doubt that you might miss a few. Give yourself a break and hire our ebook proofreading service. We let you enjoy all the applause from your readers.

Designing and Publishing EBooks in USA

If you want your story to get published and live forever in the readers' hearts, then our Amazon publishing and ebook printing services can prove to be a great help. We have dedicated experts for all the known ebook publishing platforms, including Kindle, Kobo, Blurb, and Lulu. Stop searching for ebook printers near me. We can get your printed stories to steal all the limelight. From ebook layout design to ebook cover design experts, we have a seasoned crew who make sure that your story looks out of this world.

FAQs That Will Clear All About Doubts!

We are here to bring comfort to authors' lives and handle all the challenges on their behalf. We stand out by offering a comprehensive suite of services that cover almost everything. Our motive is not just to produce words but to create magic with our wordplay that can fascinate the readers.

Our team of expert writers and editors work collaboratively to enhance your narrative while preserving the essence of your original work. We respect the unique voice of each author and ensure that your draft does not contain even a single trace of copied content.

Absolutely. While we offer expert advice, you retain full control over design and publishing decisions. Our role is to guide and assist, ensuring your preferences and vision are realized. The designs will not be finalized until the customer approves them. You can ask for multiple edits.

The prices vary from project to project. It depends on which services you want. However, we try to maintain a touch of affordability in our packages so every American author can easily access our premium services. The quality that we deliver is way too high compared to our prices.

From writing and editing to design and publishing, we commit to delivering prompt and brilliant outcomes. The release of your book will not be delayed. We know that you have a publishing date in your mind. Our team puts in all their effort to stay one step ahead of the clock.

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